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Homelessness: Bad Choices Vs Just Plain Rotten Luck »

Along with just about every piece of mainstream journalism I read on the topic of homelessness online, I find at least one (usually several) reader comments that are some variation on this statement:
“Homeless people are homeless due to recurring bad choices that they have made. So why should I help someone who put himself [...]

Thoughts On Having A Pet While Homeless »

That’s my baby, Fezzik, with me on his adoption day (I’m the anonymous-esque one behind the green circle). Fez is named after AndrĂ© the Giant’s character in The Princess Bride, and if you know the movie, you can see why (many people, especially younger people, don’t get the reference, so I have to spell it [...]

Sex And Prostitution Are Bad Ideas »

When I first found out that I was going to be homeless, I started searching online for survival tips and resources, specifically ones relating to women. One of the first articles that I found was written by a homeless girl. Her survival tips relied almost exclusively on sex. She advised using at least the hint [...]